Programme structure:


The story of the human brain 

The Tricky brain     
Human brains form tricky feedback loops which are linked to mental unrest

Self- criticism and relationship to well being        

The three circles      
There are 3 major emotional regulating system in human brain – Threat, Drive, Soothing

Understanding how to balance the three systems 

Understanding need to train your brain to think and feel calm     
Humans have evolved tricky brains that need to be trained for mental fitness


Understanding how to master your mind and pay attention   
How to develop

Meta perception and non- judgement

Understanding link between physiology and improved thinking  

Improving your heart Rate Variability     
You can control your stress physiology and engage parasympathetic nervous system to calm your mind and body


Developing the art of feeling calm and positive  

Developing the art of calm wise thinking               

Using KUWS to guide decisions, choices and solve problems        

Discovering Your Values life balance

Discovering the best version of you

Developing the best version of you  to help you flourish